I have been a diabetic for over 12 years now but have never really altered my life the way I should. I am starting this blog as a way to try and hold myself accountable. I know that this blog may not be of any interest to the majority but if you should take the time to read it please leave a comment with an encouraging word or a kick up the bum depending on the need at the time.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wednesday 28th September 2011

Today was the day I had my appointment to go back to the hospital and see the Consultant.  I was able to tell him that although I was by no means doing as much as I could but there was much improvement from the last time I had seen him.  I told him that I had started this blog and that I was getting loads of support from you all and he was really touched.  I know I haven't published on here for a while but I have been testing my sugars more than I had been.

I also asked the Consultant about trying another medication called Victoza basically you have to give yourself one injection of it a day and it helps to control your blood sugar and apparently also reduces your appetite and can help with weight loss.  My Consultant told me that one third of people will not be able to tolerate the drug, one third will see little effect and the final third see dramatic weight loss and great improvement of their blood sugars.  So lets keep our fingers cross that I am in the "right" third!

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