I have been a diabetic for over 12 years now but have never really altered my life the way I should. I am starting this blog as a way to try and hold myself accountable. I know that this blog may not be of any interest to the majority but if you should take the time to read it please leave a comment with an encouraging word or a kick up the bum depending on the need at the time.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday 28th August 2011

Okay so it's been 2 weeks since I last blogged so I'm now a bad blogger as well as a bad diabetic!

This morning I put my insulin pump on after not having it on for 36 hours - there was no reason for not having it on I just didn't get round to it (or ignored it).  So this morning I tested my sugar and it was 17.3mmol/l which is high but not too bad for not having had insulin for 36 hours.  So I gave myself a bolus to correct the high sugar and have bolused for my meals so far today.

I'm not in work for a couple of works and really hope that I can get into some sort of routine of regular testing. There should be no excuses of not having time although I have got a busy week at home and then a week away but I'm going to make testing and getting my control on track my top priority.  My next diabetic appointment is in less than a month and I really want to go in and be able to give some positive feedback on my progress.

This week I also changed GP and the nurse I saw seemed really good.  She used to be a diabetic nurse in a hospital so she actually understood my condition and medication better than some medical professionals have done.  Anyway I have to go back on Friday (without Samuel this time) so we can have a proper chat apparently there are some other medications that I can take to help my body absorb insulin better.  I am a type two diabetic but I think my main problem is insulin resistance my body just can't absorb the insulin it is producing and I am providing.  To give you an idea I read the other day that a type one diabetic boluses 4 units of insulin for a meal (this is one individual and will obviously differ for others) whereas I bolus up to 35 units for a meal so a massive difference.  I  used to be on metformin which is a tablet which helps your body to absorb insulin but the side effects for me far outweighed the benefits and my diabetic consultant agreed it was not worth taking them.  Anyway I am intrigued to hear that there are other medications I can try and a bit disappointed that they haven't been offered to me before.

She also asked me if I have ever attended a Dafne course (this is a course which helps type 1 diabetics to learn calorie counting and how different foods affect blood sugars).  I haven't done the course but was interested to be referred for it, however, having done some research on the internet it is definitely targeted at type 1 diabetics and I am not sure if the same rules apply for type 2s so I will have to ask her about this on Friday as well.

So even though I have been bad I feel this is quite a positive post.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Kylie Hodges, Emma Bridges and Sonia Newton for keeping on my case about testing and posting my blood sugars.  I have been posting them occasionally on Facebook when I haven't had time to come and blog and will endeavour to keep doing so.  I've decided I don't care if other people get fed up with me posting my sugars the amount of twaddle that other people post sometimes - if they don't like it they don't have to read it.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday 13th August 2011

Sorry I've not updated for a few days but I spent Thursday and Friday in bed with a stomach bug and have just been getting myself right today, normal service should resume tomorrow!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10th August 2011

Yesterday I tested my blood sugars four times (yes 4 times!!) all the readings were higher than they should be in the low teens but I tested four times.   I am proud of myself for doing that and am going to try and keep hold of that feeling.

Today I tested first thing and got a reading of 8.3mmol/l but haven't tested again.  Tomorrow is another day and I want to feel proud again :-)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday 8th August 2011

Really bad day today - biscuits for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, kebab for tea and more biscuits.  No blood tests done :-(

Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday 5th August 2011

Blood sugar first thing was 9.3 but two hours after breakfast had dropped to 7.5.  I'm really pleased at the moment with my post-breakfast blood sugars as they are either less than the first thing in the morning or near to a normal reading.  In the past I would have normal blood sugars before breakfast but then two hours later they would be in the high teens.  I'm not sure what if anything I'm doing differently but I feel it's progress.

My insulin pump ran out at about 1pm at work today and I changed it straight away.

I didn't make it to Slimming World last night and this week I think we have had some sort of takeaway every day. I think it might be the heat but I have just had no energy to do anything when I get home.

So I'm going back to setting myself some goals so here is what I'm going to attempt this week:-

  1. Test blood sugars at least once a day every day (try to test at different times of day to get a better idea of what's going on)
  2. No takeaway
  3. Go to Slimming World on Thursday

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3rd August

Nothing to say today really, no blood tests done, insulin pump needs changing - I promise I will do it as soon as I finish typing this.

Tuesday 2nd August 2011

I left my blood testing kit at work yesterday so couldn’t test first thing this morning, two hours after breakfast though my blood sugar was 11mmol/l so not a good start again.

An hour later blood sugar had come down to 8mmol/l.

Pre-lunch blood sugar was 5.6mmol/l.  I’m really happy with my blood sugar readings at the minute and it is spurring me on to keep in control.  My eating habits however are another story.  I think I am going to try and start going to Slimming World again – there is a class which has started near me recently which would fit in with everything else going on - it's on a Thursday night so watch this space and see if I make it on Thursday.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Monday 1st August 2011

Not a great start to the morning with a blood sugar of 10.4 but tested again at about half 10 and it had come down to 6.7 which is good.

Pre lunch blood sugar was 5.6 which is excellent.  Had a piece of cake this afternoon though.

My insulin pump is just about to run out, now last week I would have disconnected the pump and left it off over night and may or may not have reconnected in the morning, but today I'm changing the pump right now before it runs out.